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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Benjamin and Doug's Excellent Fashion Adventure

In stressful times, people reach for the familiar: comfort food, comfort clothes. There's nothing wrong with that, but it does present challenges for fashion designers. If you've ever read a favorite story to a child, you'll understand–make one mistake, skip a page, fail to use the right effects in the right places and you're a goner. And adults can be just as demanding when it comes to remade classics.

That's why the timing is right for talented neo-traditionalists like Ben and Doug Burkman, aka the
Burkman Bros, two handsome, amiable siblings from Toronto. They're smart, well-traveled and, like so many Canadians, beautifully-mannered. (Is it taught in schools, or something in the water?) They treat menswear essentials with respect, while managing to freshen things up around the edges; in other words, their designs appeal to guys who fear fashion, but sport enough clever details to attract fashion snobs. Plus, their clothes look, and feel, like they've been part of a man's wardrobe forever.

This deluxe cotton flannel shirt is a good example: It's a standard, but not standard-issue. The outer fabric is plush, and it's lined with glossy, lightweight oxford cloth. There are nice touches everywhere, from the metal locker loop chain to a small inside pocket set below one's rib cage. Buttons are simple and sharp; plaids align at key points; and the fit is trim but not tight. Find it at
Kesner, New York; Lark, Vancouver; and Barneys New York stores. End of story.