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Monday, October 12, 2009

Shake Your Bootie: Puma & Sergio Rossi Step Out

Sometimes, FA2L champions things that, admittedly, aren't long-term wardrobe investments the way custom-made loafers or haute couture gowns usually are. And that's fine. After all, a closet stocked with nothing but "investment" clothing is like a banquet without delicacies: no Champagne, no foie gras, no truffles and (heaven forbid) no dessert. Dull, dull, dull.

These high-heeled booties come from a collaboration between woefully under-appreciated Sergio Rossi and world-famous Puma. They're built on rubber soles with a sneaker's tread and rounded toes (not to mention all that lacing), but tower like supermodels on sexy 4" heels. Are they comfortable? Perhaps. Are they '80s throwbacks? Yes, in a good way. Will you keep them forever? Probably not. But FA2L suspects you'll have lots of fun in them while the party lasts.