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Monday, July 26, 2010

Oribe Sprinkles Moon Dust in Your Hair of Gold

On a recent photo shoot, we watched, fascinated, as Davide Marinelli, a stylist at De Berardinis, New York, used Oribe's 24k Gold Pomade (sold at the salon) to tame Parker's tumbling surfer curls. The product itself is gorgeous–real gold suspended in liquid pomade that looks like molten metal, packaged in an embossed tub worthy of Gianni Versace–and the effect is literally brilliant. Using his fingers, Marinelli applied it along grouped strands; and with each coat, Parker's sun-streaked hair glowed more and more. It brought to mind Marlene Dietrich's wily movie star trick of sifting gold powder over her platinum locks, to catch the director's key lights and form a halo around her head. Of course, in Parker's case the effect was more '80s Bruce Weber-golden boy than '30s silver screen, but that's fashion for you. Each generation seeks a glamorous new version of the Midas touch.

Photograph by Noël Sutherland. Grooming by Davide Marinelli at De Berardinis, New York. Model: Parker at dna models. Fashion assistant: Evie Cutshaw.