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Thursday, November 11, 2010

We ♥ Cartier, Version 2.0: An Updated LOVE

Tinkering with an icon is tricky business: sometimes it works (VW's rounder, cuter, enormously popular reissued Beetle, for example) and sometimes it falls flat (New Coke, anyone?). So when we heard that Cartier was launching more jewelry based on its famous 1970 LOVE bracelet (above, left), we held our breath. Now, having seen the pieces unveiled, the verdict is in–many of the new designs are charming and easy to wear (though we still prefer the original), and there seems to be something for everyone. So one, two, three...and exhale.

The reason we prefer the original has more to do with symbolism than anything else: there's something deeply romantic about fixing a bracelet on one's wrist (using a Cartier screwdriver, of course) and never removing it. We're also fans of yellow gold and think the LOVE bracelet looks its best in that metal. These days, however, many people want white metals: hence the new collection's earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings in white or yellow gold (and black ceramic), with diamonds or colored stones. Our favorite is a white gold bracelet (above, right) with blue and pink sapphires, purple spinels, amethysts and aquamarines. It's built like the original, but brought up-to-date for 2010. If only all revamped classics could be as good.

Photograph by Vincent Wulveryck © Cartier 2010