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Friday, December 13, 2013

Lagerfeld's "The Return" Brings Coco Chanel to Life

Just a few days ago, Karl Lagerfeld unveiled his latest short film, The Return, at a Chanel event in Dallas, Texas. If you weren't there to watch it on the drive-in movie screen, you can catch it here, thanks to YouTube. It's about 25 minutes long, and stars Geraldine Chaplin as Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel––"a real bitch," according to both Chaplin and her director, Mr Lagerfeld. The insouciance of the insular, mid-fifties era in French and American fashion (when declining perfume sales prompted Chanel to reopen her couture house––hence the film's title) is conveyed beautifully by a well-chosen, well-costumed cast. But it's Chaplin herself who commands our attention. Having had little time to prepare for the role, she still manages to express both sides of Chanel's Janus-like personality: tough-as-nails businesswoman on one hand; flirty, feminine schoolgirl on the other. The clothes and accessories are to die for––and Lagerfeld adds another feather to a cap that, at this point, holds enough plumage to choke a bird of paradise. Enjoy!